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PJD6352LS (3500 ANSI Lumens, XGA  (1024x768)


Embrace Network World with Smart design

The ViewSonic LightStream™ PJD6352LS networkable short throw projector features 3,500 lumens, native XGA 1024x768 resolution, an intuitive, user-friendly design and a sleek white chassis. Exclusive SuperColor™ 6-Segment Color Wheel maximizes color saturation and brightness for true-to-life image projection in any light, while SonicExpert™, ViewSonic’s proprietary sound enhancement technology, powers a 10W speaker to deliver incredibly clear and audible sound. PortAll - a neatly designed enclosed HDMI/MHL connection compartment, supports streaming media from wireless HDMI dongles or MHL connectors, while a cable management hood connects onto the back of the projector and eliminates unsightly cable clutter. A 0.61 short throw lens offers large projection image for smaller rooms. With HV keystone, corner adjustment, and easy network management, the PJD6352LS provides flexible setup. Designed with smarter features and extensive connectivity, the networkable short throw PJD6352LS is ideal for use in education and corporate environments. 


3,500 Lumen XGA Short Throw with Cable Management Hood LightStream Projector

SuperColor™: Best in Class Color Accuracy

ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor™ Technology offers a wider color range than conventional DLP projectors for true-to-life color performance in any light. SuperColor™ 6-Segment Color Wheel maximizes brightness Increased by 15% or more with the highest color saturation over others in the same class.

Short Throw

Options for large projections in small places
The short throw lens enables large images to be projected from short distances in small rooms. This means there are no distracting shadows on the projected image, and no blinding lights in the eyes of presenters.

PortAll: Secure MHL/HDMI Port

Enjoy high-definition multimedia to the furthest extent
The HDMI/MHL "PortAll", converts LightStream projector into smart TV by streaming multimedia such as movies, music, and games from smartphones or tablet PCs. Smartphone users can play Full HD 1080p video on a large than 100” screen over infinite media while charging their phones. Millions of online entertainment contents await you.


Network Manager
Easy Central Management System

Administrators can sit in front of PC and maintain up to 256 LightStream projectors remotely through RS232, USB, LAN IP or VGA/DVI/HDMI interfaces. ViewSonic LightStream projector is equipped with a complete built-in network control system which includes Crestron RoomView® network management software, AMX certification and industry standard PJ-Link. Together, they offer network administrators an effortless centralized control of up to 256 projectors with an advanced, real-time alert system that sends status updates regarding power, lamp life and unit presence to simplify maintenance efforts. This network control software is an efficient and easy-to-maintain system that is ideally suited for educational institutes.

Smart Design

High Unsightly Cables
The cable management hood connects onto the back of the projector and eliminates unsightly cable clutter. The seamless design gives the projector a clean look without wires and I/O ports exposed in the rear, and provides additional storage space for the remote control to avoid misplacement. An easy-access top lamp door enables simple lamp maintenance and replacement.
Easy Access Lamp
An easy-access top lamp door enables simple lamp maintenance and replacement.


SonicExpert™ Technology

Clear, comfortable, and louder sound over same-class projectors
Following a groundbreaking proprietary speaker transducer and chamber re-design, LightStream projectors deliver full-range sound 20Hz – 20KHz for presentations or off-the-clock home entertainment. The compact speaker takes pride in quality sound with best-fit Sound Response Curve, and high efficiency of transferring electric power to sound power. They sound stronger, offering more concentration, letting sound travel farther. The 10-watt Cube speaker is powerful enough to fill you meeting room with wall-to-wall sound – an improvement over the speakers of competing products in the same class.

Dual 3D Blu-ray Ready HDMI Inputs

Amazing 3D visual effects
Designed with two HDMI ports, this projector can display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players—perfect for connecting to any HDMI-enabled device.


Color Mode
Best view modes

Providing 5 view modes for different scenarios, users can choose one fit mode at once for best view according to the projection environment. These 5 modes are: Brightest Mode: for environments where extra-high brightness is required; Dynamic Mode: for presentations under daylight environment and text content; Standard Mode: for matching PC or NB color; ViewMatch Mode: for general viewing; Movie Mode: for watching movies with better saturation in a dark environment.

Do It All with a Single Remote Control

A programmable hotkey “MyButton” can be configured to launch the most commonly used functions. A single remote control can also control up to eight projectors in the same venue. A Free vRemote app also allows users to control a projector via a mobile device.


Horizontal and Vertical Keystone + Corner Adjustment

Horizontal and vertical keystone correction and a corner adjustment feature eliminate crooked and distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time.


App- ProjectorDistance App for Quick Projector Position Preview

No matter small meeting room, middle classroom, or big hall, ProjectorDistance tells you how far the projector should be placed according to the room ceiling height, projector’s screen size, aspect ratio, etc. Just input several figures, the result will be displayed in the simulation scenarios with measurement. You can use finger to adjust the distance instantly.

*App - vRemote
App controller with snapshot keystone and lamp life monitor

Never worry about missing a remote control again! Users can download vRemote, the virtual remote control, onto any IR-enabled smartphone. If there is no IR function on smartphone, users can also plug in USB wireless adapter (PJ-WPD-200) into projectors, then users can have their Android™ or iOS devices wirelessly stream content to a projector. In addition, vRemote can instantly help users automatically correct keystone with a simple snapshot of the projected image. Administrators can also remotely view the projectors’ lamp working hours and adjust keystone.
*Only available on certain models.


App- The world’s pioneer ProjectorExpert APP
Cover all completed projector applications at once!

ProjectorExpert APP contains all ViewSonic projector product information, projection distance measurement, ViewSync wireless introduction, industrial application case study, news messages, etc.. It integrates all projector related information,and can be as general users’ perfect assistant when choosing or installing projectors, providing users’ a platform with convenient and sufficient information,as well as to become dealers, distributors, system integrators’ portable tool which can check instantly.





    Resolution : 1024x768
    Lens : Optical Zoom:Fixed; Digital Zoom: 0.8X~2.0X
    Size : 50 - 250 inch
    Throw Distance : 0.6m - 3.1m
    Throw Ratio : 0.6
    Lamp : 210W
    Brightness : 3500 ANSI Lumens
    Contrast Ratio : 22,000:1 (DynamicEco Mode)
    Keystone Correction : Vertical: +30~-30°, (Manual); Horizontal: +30~-30°, (Manual)
    Aspect Ratio : 4:3
    Color Depth : 1.07 Billion Colors (30 bits per color)
    Optical Offset : 130 %+/-5%


    Speakers : 10 W x 1 Cube


    Video : NTSC: NTSC M (3.58 MHz), 4.43MHz; PAL: PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, 60); SECAM: SECAM (B, D, G, K, K1, L); SD: 480i and 576i; ED: 480p and 576p; HD: 720p,1080i, 1080p
    Frequency : Fh: 15-102KHz; Fv: 23-120Hz


    PC : 1024x768@60Hz (native)
    Mac : 1024x768@60Hz (native)


    RGB Input : VGA Input : x2
    RGB Output : VGA Output: x1
    Composite Video : RCA-1 x1
    S Video : Mini-Din 4 pin x1
    Component Video : Share with VGA (x2)
    Digital : HDMI 1.4 x 1 / HDMI(MHL2.0)x1
    Audio : In: 3.5mm Mini-Mono Jack x2; out: 3.5mm Mini-Mono Jack (x1) Microphone : Share with Audio in 2 connector
    Control : RS232 x1 (DB-9)(Wired remote function)
    USB : Mini USB x1 (For Mouse control & firmware upgrade)


    Voltage : 100~240Vac 50/60Hz (Auto Switching)
    Consumption : 330W (Max.)


    Temperature : 0°~40°C / 32°~104°F
    Humidity : 10~90%, Non-Condensation


    Physical : 316mm (width) x 103.7mm (height) x 228mm (depth)


    Net : 2.6 kg


    CB, TUV-GS, UL/cUL, FCC (including ICES-003), CE,C-Tick,
    Mexico Energy test/Registration, EAC, UkrSEPRO/EMC DOC, UL COC, TUV-S, Mark(Argentina), PSB, KCC, KC, SASO, CCC,


    Power Cord, 1.8m/VGA Cable, 1.8m/ Remote Control with AAA Batteries / Cable Cover /Quick Start Guide (one sheet version)/ ViewSonic CD Wizard (w User Manual)

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