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Projector Paul

- AV Specialist in Singapore

Hi, my name is Paul Kim.

Yes, you are right, 'Kim', I am Korean. 

Same Kim as of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, but I am from South Korea.

Quite interesting?!

What makes me to come to Singapore? Aiyah~ I hear this question lots of times.

I have been to South Africa for about 1year to study English and traveled many places there.

If you have been to Africa, you might have experienced robbery with knife or guns. I saw both.

I chose Singapore, first of all, because of safety. And then, clean enviornment, trees, food, GDP, and so on.

When we have a chance, I will share more.


I started my AV industry journey from quite simple idea. 'I like movies and want to watch with bigger screen'

I worked for a company as a sales dealt with Projector lamps.

It was one of the largest lamp distributors in the world. (Anyway, it was AV related at least)

One day I decided to buy 10sets of second hand projectors each about S$30 maybe if I remember correctly.

I put them all in the living room and opened the cover and took out all parts and then resemble again and again.

It was ve~~~ry interesting.

Some IT guys might have similar experience. Spoiled PC to open and see what things are inside and study how it works.

That's it.

When you are fancinated with something, you become crazy and look very stupid. 'Why do you do such things?', people will ask you, but you cannot stop.


A few years back, someone by chance called me 'Projector Paul'. I liked it pretty much. It's like... Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck.

If you need my service about Audio-Visual stuff, just remember me Projector Paul.

I will help you to provide best solution with all my knowledge and experience.


Thank you for reading guys~~!!!


SMS / Whatsapp 85713031


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