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PLS Media is specialised in Projector Replacement lamp.

- Every Brand, Every Model

1. Original Lamp (Warranty: 90days)


- Projector replacement lamps from the genuine original manufacturer


2. Compatible Lamp with Original bulb (Warranty 120days)

- Original bulb + Compatible housing + Plain box



3. Original Bulb or Compatible Bulb Only (Warranty: 90days)

Bulb only 2.jpg



Price quoted is excluding installation. For installation, please contact us as well.


- If projector is ceiling mounted, please provide the height from floor to projector.




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<Popular Brand>

3M  Acer  ASK  Barco  BenQ  Canon  Christie  Dell  Digital Projection

Eiki  Epson  Fujitsu  Hitachi  HP  Infocus  JVC  LG  Mitsubishi  NEC

Optoma  Panasonic  PLUS  ProjectionDesign  Proxima  Sanyo Sharp

Sony  Toshiba  Viewsonic